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Approved Providers

Approved Providers

The following are approved providers by statute:



Regionally-accredited Institutions of Higher Education that offer Illinois-approved preparation programs

Illinois Public School Districts

Charter Schools

Joint Educational Programs providing career & technical education or special education services

The State Superintendent may approve Illinois professional associations that represent any of the following groups: school administrators, principals, school business officials, teachers, including special education teachers, school boards, school districts, parents, and school service personnel.

Graduate and undergraduate coursework may be counted if it is from an IL institution of higher education that has a preparation program. Individuals wanting to complete coursework from an out-of-state institution are advised to contact an approved provider who may approve that institution under its authority.

Educators are responsible for procuring from the approved provider or its presenter an Evidence of Completion form which verifies participation in that specific event, the date, and the number of hours earned. These should be kept for one year after the educators’ current renewal cycle and must be submitted to ISBE when requested in an audit.