Red Brick School

Red Brick is a Regional Safe School that provides education and related services to students attending grades 6-10 in the local school's of Monroe and Randolph counties. Students in the program are identified as "at-risk" of dropping out or failing to graduate on time for a multitude of reasons. 

The basic program activities are: 1) identification and referral, 2) assessment and admission, 3) development of and Individual Optional Education Plan (IOEP), 4) instruction and curriculum focusing on the Common Core State Standards, Including Aggression Replacement Training, 5) school, home, community support services, 6) student transportation and letters of agreement among and between the Regional Office of Education (ROE), schools, student, family, and community service providers. The home schools, through the Regional Safe School Program (RSSP) Coordinator and other designated staff member initiate the identification and referral of the students consistent with eligibility requirements.

Upon admissions, the RSSP staff, family, LEA representation and respective necessary community service providers  help in an intake staffing with the youth to develop the Individual Optional Education Plan (IOEP). School records, assessment data, as well as reports from the participants =indicates present level of performance data, consensus on periodic objectives and exit criteria outcomes are developed. Members of the implementation team, whether RSSP staff, LEA staff or community service workers  assume and record responsibility for appropriate activities. Case management/ wrap-around coordination is directed by the RSSP staff through periodic case management meetings or communication, RSSP staff provide life skills training, school to work skills, and/or behavior modification to each student daily. This Instruction consists of conflict resolution training, drug and alcohol education awareness, as well as developing social-emotional well-being and positive decision making skills. The curriculum focus on individual academics, social adaptation, behavior principles, and occupational skill integration. This, with the assistance of computer technology, provide skills for employment or continued academic endeavors.

Each participating school  provide transportation to and from the RSSP site. Breakfast and lunch is available at a nominal cost per student, or If eligible, through the free and reduced lunch program.  

Intake, classroom instruction, and case management is provided by RSSP staff members. The staff is under the direction of the ROE Superintendent. Referral of identified sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth grade students is made by school administrator to the staff that  review the student's eligibility and then begin the intake procedure to refer the student back to the LEA.

The intake procedure is coordinated by the RSSP staff and include the collection of assessment data, parent Interviews, and contact with appropriate community resources and the Monroe-Randolph County LAN 5.

Representative from the LEA, as well as community agencies, participate in an intake staffing to construct an individual optional education plan (IOEP) for the student. The IOEP  contains the activities and outcomes for the RSSP as well as prescribing family and community support activities. Upon the completion of the IOEP, the student begins the program.

Red Brick School
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