Monroe-Randolph Regional Office of Education

Regional Superintendent of Schools Kelton Davis

No one would disagree that education is critical for our success as a community, state and nation. With such a foundational system for society it is not surprising that we have seen so much work on “How we measure up?” 

There is no lack of measures, be it a child’s report card, school and district report card, standardized student assessments, surveys, performance and student growth teacher evaluations to the new Kindergarten Individual Development Survey. We use all these data to help us and our organizations improve. But what we do not measure is how much our educators give of themselves for others. For the past two years, the Regional Office of Education has made a commitment to reaching all learners. We are amazed at the expanding needs of our students but equally amazed at the services that our schools continue to provide.

2016 Bi-County Institute

On October 7, 2016, our office is presenting the 2016 Bi-County Institute "GENERATIONS: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE" at Sparta High School, Sparta, Illinois.  This day features Jim Burgett as our Keynote Speaker and over 60 different workshops for educators to choose from.  New to the Institute this year will be training for the region's Substitute Teachers in the areas of Substitutes' Strategies for Surviving in Classrooms and 4E School Safety Training.  Educators will be able to choose from workshops being led by some of our top local educators, university professors and other experts.  Some of the workshops titles are "Negotiating Difficult Boundaries: Social Media vs. Our Youth", "The Great American Eclipse" and "Smashing Google".  Look for the 2016 Institute Booklets to be delivered by September 30, 2016.  The booklet can also be found here: INSTITUTE BOOKLET.

What services does our office provide?
  • Professional Development of Educators
  • Bus Driver Training & Certification
  • GED Classes and Testing
  • Truancy and Homeless Services
  • Student Programming 
  • Legal Guidance and Review
  • Safety Inspections of Schools
  • Coordination of Shared Services
  • Grant and Initiative Service

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