Monroe-Randolph Regional Office of Education

Regional Superintendent of Schools Kelton Davis
The Regional Office of Education is committed to providing ongoing leadership and support for our schools as they work feverishly to implement the new College and Career Readiness Standards known as the Common Core Standards. Simultaneous with that system-wide change, our schools have implemented new Principal Performance Evaluations and are working on new evaluations of teachers that include performance growth based on Danielson's Framework for Teaching and student growth measures. 
Meanwhile a plethora of additional Race to the Top reform mandates adopted in Illinois and No Child Left Behind mandates are colliding with the financial challenges our schools face with lower general state aid and decreased reimbursement for transportation. Although challenged with less money and more government driven mandates, our schools continue to focus and prioritize on what matters most - our children and their success academically, emotionally, and socially. 

Photos from Around the Region

What services does our office provide?
  • Professional Development of Educators
  • Bus Driver Training & Certification
  • GED Classes and Testing
  • Truancy and Homeless Services
  • Student Programming 
  • Legal Guidance and Review
  • Safety Inspections of Schools
  • Coordination of Shared Services
  • Grant and Initiative Service

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